Indian Independence Day

The 77th anniversary of Indian Independence Day is soon. All around the nation, tricolor decorations can be seen on houses, places of business, and public structures. “Nation First, Always First” is the subject of a number of public events.

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Art on Indian Independence Day

Many artists also pay honor to India’s struggle for independence by including national symbols, freedom fighters, and security forces in their works of art.

Punam Art Academy (@punamartacademy), a well-known art account on Instagram, posted a series of videos showing a woman creating straightforward but powerful pieces of art inspired by Independence Day.

A woman can be seen in a series of videos uploaded by Punam Art Academy (@punamartacademy), a well-known art account on Instagram, making simple yet impactful works of art that are inspired by Independence Day.

Indian Independence Day

A Tamil Nadu miniature artist named U M T Raja chose to draw the American flag in his eye last year. The saying “Namadhu India thai nattai kan pol kakka ventum”—which means “we must protect our Indian motherland like our eyes”—inspired the 52-year-old artist to successfully paint the tricolor on  20 minutes, his eye’s sclera.

The same year, crippled artist Aayush Kundal uploaded a video of himself using his feet as brushes to paint an image of “Bharat Mata.” To commemorate India’s 76th Independence Day, he produced this piece of art.

Through his animated digital illustration, this gifted artist who goes by the handle @logokuhe has provided us with a fresh perspective on Mother India. A woman wearing a Tricolour sari with red alta on her feet is depicted. She exudes the endearing charm of motherhood. Mother India would unquestionably be someone like her if we had to reimagine what she may have looked like as a human.

Cultural on Indian Independence Day

India’s rich culture substantially benefits from the fashion industry. Do you know how men dressed in post-Vedic India? We frequently discuss the diversity and evolution of women’s fashion. From 3500 BCE through 2023, @boseoninsta’s stunning timeline of men’s fashion progression takes us on a journey. It’s admirable how much work one fashion influencer put into recreating each look.

In terms of attire, we must have some aspect of the Tricolor on Independence Day. Making this brooch is okay if you prefer to keep things understated. Learn it in a few easy steps from @crafter_aditi. You can produce these in large quantities and give them as gifts to your friends and coworkers.

In India, rangolis play a significant role in the celebration of any lucky day. Check out this reel by @rangoli_nation if you’re seeking for some unusual designs. This Independence Day, recreate the lovely rangoli around your home or workplace to show off your artistic talent. (HRs, pay attention!)

Making these dosas at home can be enjoyable to do with your children if you have any. A tricolor dosa dish made with natural food dyes manufactured from beetroot, turmeric, and moringa was created by @rohinis.kitki. With these dosas, you can celebrate Independence Day in style and keep the josh up! Even try using the same batter to make tricolored idlis and uttapams!

Mary Millben on Indian Independence Day

Prior to Independence Day celebrations, award-winning American singer Mary Millben offered a touching message to Indian citizens. Take a vow to lead your nation to new heights on this Independence Day, Millben urged in a video message. Transform your drive for advancement, your thoughts into new ideas, and your obstacles into chances. To my Indian brothers and sisters, Happy Independence Day. Jai Hind — say it loudly and repeatedly.


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