Alabama Football in 2023: Unveiling the Potential of a Big Championship Team


When Middle Tennessee last played at Bryant-Denny Stadium in 2015, Rick Stockstill was the Blue Raiders’ head coach, the Alabama football team Crimson Tide dynasty was allegedly on the decline, and it was unclear who would start at quarterback.

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Sounds recognizable? It appears that not much has changed in that regard, especially in light of how much has changed both inside and outside of college football. To be picky, Alabama was rated No. 4 this time around rather than No. 2, which it had been in the preseason, when the 2015 matchup took place. But the outcome remained the same: a resounding victory for the home team.

The score on Saturday night was 56-7 as opposed to 37-10, making it more lopsided. But that isn’t what will grab the attention of college football fans. Alabama football team presented well. frighteningly excellent. By the second quarter, the thought of D.J. Fluker snatching my lunch money had been running through my thoughts nonstop.

Alabama football team look behind

In case you forgot, the match in 2015 took place in Week 2, just after Alabama’s impressive victory over Wisconsin. Both quarterbacks still vying for the starting spot participated in a half. Jake Coker completed 15 of his 26 passes for 214 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. Cooper Bateman, his opponent, completed 11 of his 17 passes for 98 yards, one score, and a pick that set up Middle Tennessee’s lone touchdown with just 6:11 left on the clock.

Alabama Football

The closest Nick Saban got to naming his starting was when he remarked, “We started Jake two games in a row, I think there’s a reason for it. Everyone was aware.

Alabama had 39 carries for 220 yards and three running touchdowns, led by Derrick Henry. It gained 5.6 yards on average per rush compared to the Blue Raiders’ 2.8, and the quarterback was the coaches’ son Brent, who is now his quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator. Brent’s throwing attempts gained only 4.1 yards on average.

This time, three different Alabama football team quarterbacks each ran in a score and added three more TDs through passing (226 yards). 40 running attempts resulted in 208 yards and five total touchdowns for the Crimson Tide. Each carry gained 5.2 yards on average. Middle Tennessee only managed an average of 3.0 and 3.8 attempts per pass. Only 32 yards were rushed by its top rusher.  

Alabama Football

This MTSU squad entered the game with the intention of throwing the ball and testing the Crimson Tide secondary, but it was clear that it was not very successful as no player ended with more than 25 yards receiving. The sole scoring opportunity had ended in a failed field goal prior to eventually entering the end zone in the third quarter against a team that was primarily reserves.

Jalen Milroe

Jalen Milroe, a redshirt sophomore quarterback, also led the offense to scores on its opening two possessions by completing his first seven throws to establish the tone. It scored two more goals before the halftime whistle, giving it a 28-0 advantage. He displayed composure, distributed the ball well, and even when things went wrong, it frequently worked out for the best, like when he converted a bad snap into a 21-yard touchdown run.

Alabama Football

Milroe was 13-for-18 for 194 yards, three passing touchdowns, and two rushing scores in his second start of his career. Overall, that was a very outstanding performance.

They have a really, really strong offensive football squad, and in my opinion, it all starts with the fourth player, Stockstill said. He is quite dad-gum amazing, to be honest.

But this victory also brought up a ton of other issues. Penalties weren’t one of them for Alabama. The offensive line was just huge and as good as promised. The blocking downfield was excellent. Stifling, hard-hitting, and opportunistic defense. This led to turnovers.

Chris Braswell of the linebacker sack? Brutal. Safety the first-ever interception by Jaylen Key? Impressive. How far was Kool-Aid McKinstry’s return for a punt? Terrific. You must have noticed James Burnip’s 53-yard punt. Isaiah Bond, a wide receiver, how good is he? How enjoyable is the two-tight end formation’s return?

The point is that the list keeps going. A key benefit as the season progresses should be Alabama’s abundance of contributors on both sides of the ball. The SEC Network commentator Tom Hart made a point of mentioning that an Alabama football team player had told them that there was a feeling in his position room that not only could everyone play, but everyone would play at some time during the telecast. Although he was talking about a linebacker, he could have been referring to almost any position.

Even though it’s only one game, Alabama football team defeated Utah State 55-0 in its opening game a year ago, clearly having some exceptional players on the team. But as things have come together over the past several months, this squad already appears to be more complete and to have greater depth—exactly what Saban had hoped for and expected.

Alabama Football

Yes, there was actually something lurking behind all those happy faces throughout the press briefings. Not simply because the coach was enjoying a wonderful summer vacation in Italy.

“I think the players kind of delivered,” remarked Saban.

The coaches will have more than plenty to hammer on as Texas visits Tuscaloosa the next week because the Crimson Tide wasn’t flawless. On the offensive side, the unit was a touch erratic, the blitz pickups needed improvement, and the protections occasionally showed some of the line’s inexperience.

All defensive coordinator Kevin Steele will need is for Alabama football team to allow a touchdown to be scored in order to break the shutout. However, it also sustained some damage and lost a few exciting plays. There is always room for improvement.

Whatever the case, one thing is already abundantly clear: This team has significant potential.


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