The union that represents American Airlines Flight Attendants (AA) has virtually unanimously voted to approve a strike in the event that existing contract talks with the airline’s management fail.

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American Airlines Flight Attendants Ready for strike

The union, the Association of Professional American Airlines flight attendants (APFA), “sent a strong message to American Airlines management. We are fired up and ready for a contract.” They do so at their risk,” APFA national president Julie Hedrick warned when the vote was announced on August 30.”Our contributions to American Airlines’ success must be honored and valued,”

According to Kiplinger, AA pilots decided to approve a new, provisional four-year contract with management last month. The agreement, which has a $9 billion estimated worth, was made on August 1 and includes a 21% salary increase.

In a statement released on August 24, APFA observed that the deal gives those pilots a cumulative 46% salary raise over the course of their contract and said, “It’s our turn, and we are ready.”

More than 26,000 AA flight attendants are represented by the American Airlines flight attendants (APFA), which is asking for pay hikes as well as additional features including boarding pay, 401(k) plan upgrades, and profit-sharing bonuses.

A spokeswoman for American Airlines told , “We’re happy of the progress we’ve made in discussions with the APFA, and we look forward to finalizing an agreement that provides our flight attendants with genuine and substantial value. “We recognize that one significant method flight attendants communicate their willingness to reach a settlement is through a vote authorizing a strike. The outcomes don’t alter our commitment or stop us from moving quickly to get to a consensus.

More than 93% of flight attendants who were eligible to vote did so, and 99.47% of them approved of a strike, according to the (American Airlines Flight Attendants) APFA.The union’s negotiators will be able to “return to the bargaining table with a clear message to management that American Airlines flight attendants are fired up and ready for our contract,” according to the APFA, which calls this move a key step.

The union filed a complaint with the National Mediation Board (NMB) of the federal government in April; the union is unable to strike until the NMB releases it from mediation and after a 30-day cooling-off period.

The APFA stated that it would not hesitate to ask the NMB for a strike authorization if required “but if management continues to propose concessions coupled with meager improvements to compensation and retirement.”

The cost of airline tickets is decreasing

The NMB turned down the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association’s request to terminate contract negotiations with the airline last month. On August 30, the union, which has been in talks with the airline for over three years, staged walkouts at Los Angeles International and a number of other airports.

American Airlines Flight Attendants

According to a prior analysis by NCD, pilot strikes are historically uncommon. The latest one happened at Spirit Airlines in 2010. The flow of interstate trade via the airline and railroad industries is carefully avoided by organizations like the NMB, with Congress occasionally interfering as well.

While the airline sector has had pilot shortages and other problems since the epidemic, it has achieved some headway for passengers as airline ticket costs are declining, according to a recent article. These include domestic flight costs, which have decreased from the previous year, as has been reported.

Prior to the busiest travel season, United’s pilots also began to picket until the airline agreed to increase their compensation by 40% over the following four years.


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