Like everyone else, Jeff Brohm is curious to see how his squad will appear when in College Football Louisville’s 2023 season begins.

Louisville’s in College Football season 2023

Of course, he has a plan, but there are so many new things right now, including a new coaching staff, a new offensive strategy, and over twenty transfers, including starting quarterback Jack Plummer. The first game against Georgia Tech is as exciting for people in Louisville as Christmas morning, with only a whiff of the impending peril that comes with any gender reveal involving fireworks.

It may look fantastic. There may be a mess. In either case, it will be a teaching moment, according to Brohm.

College Football

My nerves will be shot,” remarked Brohm.  Although you must just play, teach, and be upbeat with your players, you must ensure that you are as prepared as you possibly can be.

There is a lot of potential with this Louisville club. A surge of excitement has been sparked by Brohm’s return (he played for the Cardinals from 1989 through 1993), but according to Brohm, all of that will disappear if the squad that takes the field doesn’t live up to expectations.

Since there won’t be much of a safety net, the Georgia Tech game is crucial and will probably require some kinks to be worked out. In real away games over the previous three years, Louisville is only 4-11.

Many of the boys will be playing together for the first time, according to Brohm. You must put your faith in your planning before acting.

However, don’t anticipate Brohm to adjust the strategy while his staff has a handle on the situation. The past several weeks, he has handled practice as on-the-job training, emphasizing his defense with gadget plays and pushing his offense with some unusual defensive looks.

He promised to treat Georgia Tech similarly.

On both sides of the ball, we want to be aggressive in our approach, according to Brohm. You must have enough cash on hand to be able to support your team in times of need or to break out of a rut and demonstrate skills you haven’t previously displayed.

How will it appear? Other than to say he won’t be surprised by anything, Brohm isn’t speculating.

He said that was the entire purpose of fall camp. It’s not a guarantee that everything will go well, but it is a reassurance that his team has had to recover from setbacks in the past.

When Madison plays Buffalo, the Luke Fickell era will start, so pay close attention to how offensive coordinator Phil Longo runs his Air Raid offense. The program has undertaken a revamp with the goal of winning the Big Ten West for the sixth time since 2014 after suffering its most defeats (six) since 2012.

College Football Bulls’

The Bulls’ defense, which was sixth in the MAC in 2022 with 216.2 yards per game, will be facing up against the Badgers’ passing attack, which finished 11th in the Big Ten last season (183.8 yards per game).

College Football

Tanner Mordecai, a former Oklahoma and SMU signal caller who has 7,791 career passing yards and 76 career touchdown passes to his credit, will undoubtedly feel pressure to demonstrate right away that it is truly a new day with Fickell and Longo, who were previously the OC at both the Mississippi Rebels and North Carolina, in charge, now in charge.

Colorado in college football

It’s prime time, which means that for the first time in a while, all eyes in college football will be focused on Colorado and the eagerly awaited debut of coach Deion Sanders’ redesigned squad. Given that the Buffs must play TCU, one of the top four teams from the previous season, it won’t be simple for them to make a good first impression.

College Football

Both teams are into the game with a lot of changes, but when Sanders moved to Boulder and completely overhauled the program, including the league they will play in next season, there are plenty of expectations, even if they aren’t high. Colorado will, to put it mildly, be in a rebuilding year, but with their new coach, new players, and the attention that will surround them, it won’t seem like a transition year when the season kicks out in Texas this weekend.


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