As firefighters battle a 120-acre brush wildfire in Cedar Park on Tuesday night, an apartment complex and the areas around it have been ordered to evacuate.

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At the Bexley at Silverado apartment complex on Whitestone Boulevard, more than 20 agencies and several hundred firefighters from various agencies are there.

ceder park wildfire

According to the Cedar Park fire chief, one apartment structure at the Bexley complex was completely destroyed by the fire, while two additional buildings suffered damage. The impact on traffic is likewise “significant”.

The incident, which started as a grass fire just after 6 p.m. and later moved to the complex, was contained by workers, according to officials, and they were able to safeguard the nearby Whitestone Landing community.

To help put out the fire and build containment lines with dozers, the Texas A&M Forest Service has been contacted. Water was being dropped on the fire by helicopters that were spotted nearby.

According to the Texas A&M Forest Service, as of Tuesday at 10 p.m., the fire had consumed 120 acres and was only 0% contained.

City and county officials report one minor injury from the wildfire, but no serious ones.

Large clouds of smoke and flames can be seen coming from the vicinity of the residential complex in witness video.


The American Red Cross was on the scene, according to Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell, to help displaced people. The Walmart parking lot at 2801 E. Whitestone Blvd. is where those in need of assistance are asked to go.

The Hill Country Bible Church, 3351 Little Elm Trail, in Cedar Park, is home to an evacuation center that is being supported by Red Cross workers, according to the organization.

while of 10:45 p.m., East Whitestone Boulevard between Toro Grande and Parmer Lane was closed in both directions while firefighters battled the blaze. Parmer Lane is still blocked going north.

It has been requested that no one visit the area to use drones or take pictures. The general population is asked to keep clear so that first responders can work.

The Parmer Lane and Whitestone Boulevard fire is receiving assistance from more than 20 agencies and several hundred firefighters from nearby cities.

No serious injuries have been recorded. According to the fire chief in Cedar Park, one injury was mild.

The Red Cross is aiding those affected and has begun operating a shelter for individuals who have been displaced.

The area, as well as neighboring roads including West Parmer Lane and E. Whitestone Boulevard, are still to be avoided, according to officials.

Residents of Cedar Park consider the wildfire

After 10 p.m., more than a dozen individuals gathered in the Walmart parking lot to witness the fire from a distance, including Art Arteaga, a resident of Bexley at Silverado.

Arteaga claimed that the fire began in some vegetation directly behind his apartment, which he had been able to see from his balcony and smell from within the structure. He gathered his glasses, his dog’s ashes, and a few other items, and as soon as he left, firefighters were waiting for him and directing him to leave.

He claimed he had “no idea” if his building was demolished. He received a lodging offer from a few buddies.

Another neighbor, Sam Bachmayer, received a call from his girlfriend as he was on his way home from work to inform him of the fire. Before leaving, she just had time to collect their cat, some cat food, and a laptop. He claimed she was unaware of any sirens and the severity of the fire before leaving.


He commented, “It’s looking bleak,” as he stood in the Walmart parking lot and observed the nearby wildfire. What worries me is that my entire life is still in that apartment.

Isaac Anzaldua, an apartment dweller, claimed that on Tuesday night as he was playing on his PlayStation, he heard cries and sirens. He went outside and seen the fires in front of his building. He then quickly fled the building, leaving nothing behind.


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