Champions League 2023-24 Anticipation : Arsenal’s Joyful Return to Prominence


matchday program at Arsenal included the words of the Champions League’s song due to the intense anticipation around their first involvement in the tournament in six years. When “Zadok The Priest” came on, few people joined in, but there was audible applause as the first few notes rang out around a soggy Emirates Stadium, providing a cathartic release of the sorrow caused by their protracted absence from Europe’s top club stage.

arsenal vs man united

Arsenal victory over PSV in Champions League

The Gunners were keen to take advantage of their return to prominence, and they did not dissapoint, strolling to a 4-0 victory over PSV Eindhoven on Wednesday with a confidence usually reserved for Champions League veterans. However, none of the starters from their last game, a 5-1 loss to Bayern Munich at home in March 2017, are still with the team.

Since just one player from that team is still alive today, midfielder Mohamed Elneny, and Mikel Arteta is a first-time Champions League manager, the home team may have been excused if they approached this prestigious event with some trepidation. Despite the adrenaline pumping through their veins, none were on display.

In his post-game press conference, Arteta praised the atmosphere and Champions League music, saying, “It was great to see them.” Before that, everyone was showing signs of emotion. Yes, I was rather emotional. I was quite enthusiastic about it. I was quite aroused, but I tried to control myself and hide it.

When we won the opportunity to participate in this tournament last year, which is where we must be as a club, the trip officially began. To maintain this level, we must now generate what is necessary.

 I’m talking about the fun. We must compete at this level, of course, but you must also take pleasure in these times, as I believe they will remain in your mind.

Arsenal displayed the kind of merciless efficiency in front of goal that Arteta has lamented in the team’s Premier League season thus far, despite the fact that PSV’s defence was unmistakably Europa League.

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They haven’t been able to score when they have the edge, which has made games closer than Arteta would have liked. However, they surged out to a 3-0 lead after just 38 minutes courtesy to goals from Bukayo Saka, Leandro Trossard, and Gabriel Jesus. PSV was unable to match Arsenal’s offensive prowess, which gave Arteta the freedom to operate autonomously in the second half and make a number of modifications in front of the north London derby on Sunday, including resting Jesus, Saka, and center-back Declan Rice. On the stroke of 70 minutes, Martin degaard added a fourth goal, blasting home from the outside of the box in a move that is quickly coming to define his game.

PSV Performance in Champions League

PSV, who played Arsenal last season in the Europa League group stage, provide a gauge of Arsenal’s recent development. The Eredivisie team won the rematch 2-0 after losing by a single goal in north London in October.

Since then, Arsenal has made significant investments, bringing in Trossard in January, Rice in the summer, and Kai Havertz in the fall (all of whom began their careers here). The final outcome was a commanding victory that provides a strong basis on which they can construct their Group B campaign.

David Raya’s goalkeeping choice might have garnered more attention on another night. Aaron Ramsdale should be concerned since Raya started for the second consecutive game even though Arteta has emphasized the idea of rotating his goalkeepers this season.

Here, Ramsdale was quickly disqualified from consideration as Arsenal’s cup goalie. The hierarchy will be clearly defined if Raya starts against Tottenham Hotspur and Ramsdale is substituted for next Wednesday’s EFL Cup match against Brentford.

The main factor in Raya’s selection by Arsenal was his dexterity with the ball. The Spanish international signed a season-long loan agreement with Brentford, with an option for a permanent transfer that the Gunners will almost definitely exercise. In this setting, the opening action of the game felt significant.

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Raya attempted to begin an Arsenal assault after receiving the ball from Jesus, which allowed the backline to start substantially higher up the field. Midfielder Havertz played 90 minutes in one of his more encouraging performances while wearing an Arsenal shirt, but Raya finished with 58 touches, surpassing him.

Arteta refused to engage in more discussion over the choice, stating that it was “based on my belief in the squad I wanted to play against the anticipated opponent; in addition, I made the other adjustments for the same reason.

Arteta once tried to prepare his team for playing Liverpool at Anfield by playing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” during practice, but instead lost. This led to mild jeers from certain places. Several team members reportedly made the decision to play the Champions League anthem at the gym earlier this week, mostly in fun, according to Jesus.

Whether it was a joke or not, Arsenal this time appeared to belong.


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