Coco Gauff, however, has demonstrated since her debut four years ago that her mental toughness and emotional maturity are equal to any single tennis stroke, and those attributes have propelled her all the way to the top. Gauff used these skills once more as she masterfully overcame a set disadvantage to defeat the second seed Aryna Sabalenka 2-6, 6-3, 6-2 in the greatest match of her life against the best player in the world.

The 19-year-old has finished an astounding, powerful hard court swing that was initially headed in the opposite direction following a traumatic first round exit at Wimbledon with her maiden grand slam triumph in US Open.

Since then, Gauff has won more tournaments every other week, including the Washington WTA 500, Cincinnati WTA 1000, and the US Open trophy, which she held in her hands to round off a fantastic summer.

Match Summery of US Open Final 2023

Following in the footsteps of her hero Serena Williams in 1999, Gauff became the third American adolescent to win the US Open. Since the Wimbledon loss, she has won 12 straight games and 18 of her past 19. The sixth seed will reach a new career high of No. 3 in the WTA rankings following the summer of Coco.

Gauff scrambled and frantically defended herself from Sabalenka’s assault on her forehand. However, as the Belarusian’s victories increased, so did her mistakes, especially on her forehand wing where Gauff’s recovery abilities sometimes required her to play one additional ball.

The opening set’s deciding game occurred at 3-2 after the two had earlier swapped breaks and Gauff had created two break points. On those two break opportunities, Sabalenka nailed a huge forehand winner and an ace before resolutely holding serve and dominating the set.

US Open

Gauff scurried and fought Sabalenka’s onslaught on her forehand with all her might. The Belarusian’s triumphs did, however, grow along with her mistakes, particularly on her forehand side where Gauff’s recovery skills occasionally prompted her to play one more ball.

After the two players had previously traded breaks and Gauff had generated two break chances, the opening set’s decisive game took place at 3-2. Sabalenka successfully converted on each of those break chances with a powerful forehand winner and an ace before stubbornly maintaining serve and controlling the game.

It became increasingly difficult to penetrate Gauff’s defenses in the second set, when the American broke serve to take a 3-1 lead. Once the break was established, Gauff served wonderfully. She took in Sabalenka’s incredible pace, producing ever-more-splendid retrievals, and forced a deciding set.

The tide had turned against Gauff by the decisive set. She fled as far as she could with it at the urging of a hysterical mob. She was everywhere, running from one area to the next, using her movement and anticipation to hunt down every ball.

US Open

The few occasions Sabalenka attempted to control her influence and outwit the American, Gauff dragged her into tiresome, protracted rallies until she made a mistake. Otherwise, Gauff’s defense brought out the old Sabalenka by repeatedly persuading her to overhit.

In the first game, she broke serve, and she never looked back. Sabalenka had a medical break for her left thigh with the American up 4-1 in the third set after a double break. After the break, Gauff promptly lost serve, but she was unstoppable. She made a comeback and won spectacularly.

Sabalenka wins the opening set 6-2. of US Open Final

Sabalenka calmly scores a few fast points, including her second ace, to reach 40-15 while serving for the opening set. two fixed positions. With a forehand that Sabalenka can’t return, Gauff saves the opening shot. Gauff makes her tenth unforced mistake of the day—and seventh off the forehand side—before Sabalenka converts the second. After 44 minutes, Sabalenka received the opening set. An unsettling statistic for Gauff is that the victor of the first set has won 27 of the last 28 US Open women’s finals.

Second set victory for Gauff is 6-3. US Open

Gauff won the second game 2–6–3 Sabalenka

Gauff, who is serving for the set, ends a 13-shot baseline rally by winning the opening point with a forehand winner. Sabalenka forces a forehand fault that brings the score to 15 all. After a 109 mph serve, Gauff wins the following point and earns two set points by winning a 15-shot rally with a forehand volley. Sabalenka then blinks. Gauff wins the second after 44 minutes after committing a further unforced error, her 16th of the game!

Gauff triumphs 2-6, 6-3, and 6-2! US Open Final

Gauff won the third set 2-6, 6-3, 6-2. Sabalenka

For love-40, Sabalenka commits three unforced mistakes. 3 points for the title. She only requires one, though, as she finishes the performance in style with a backhand winner on the move to end an 11-shot rally! Gauff has won the US Open for the first time!

Gauff says, “Today was the first time I’ve ever seen my dad weep. He doesn’t want me to inform you, but he was apprehended in 4K. He feels he is so difficult. Regards, folks. You had faith in me right away. I’ve been attending this competition for a very long time. It’s incredibly amazing to be on this platform since my dad brought me to the event where I’m currently sitting and watching Venus and Serena perform.

US Open

Gauff saves one final thank you for the ones who had questioned her after thanking her whole team.

I want to sincerely thank those who didn’t think I could succeed. I won a 500 championship a month ago, and some predicted that I wouldn’t stop there. When I won a 1000 championship two weeks ago, experts predicted that was the biggest victory ever. I’m standing here with this trophy three weeks later. I’ve done my best to handle this situation gracefully. Sincerely, those of you who believed you were throwing water on my fire were instead adding gas, which is why I’m currently burning so brightly.

I really appreciate that,” Gauff says. “At the moment, I feel a little bit shocked. I am aware that God tests you, which makes this moment much sweeter than I could have imagined. I’m really appreciative of this time.

Gauff is questioned about where she got the inspiration to win today’s game.

She claims,  “Aryna is a phenomenal, phenomenal player. Congratulations for reaching the top spot. It deserves to happen.

Speaking first at the award ceremony is Sabalenka. “You guys could have supported like this during the match!” she exclaims as she accepts the microphone amid cheers.

The Belarusian reflects on her career-best season, which culminated on Monday with her ascent to No. 1 in the global rankings and featured her maiden grand slam victory. But she claims that her ability to manage her emotions and keep her attention on the outcome rather than the rating is what she is most proud of.

US Open

She sobs inconsolably at the conclusion, apologizing for her parents as a result, but is dismissed to more applause from the audience.

After match point, a sobbing Gauff collapses on the court before getting to her feet and approaching Sabalenka for a handshake next to her chair. While continuing to ugly weep, she shakes the chair umpire’s hand and walks straight across the court to her player box as continuous applause pours down from Arthur Ashe Stadium’s upper levels. What an occasion!


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