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In terms of American football, Region 3 makes a strong case for being the toughest in Class 4A in South Carolina. In the South Carolina High School League Class 4A state playoffs in 2022, only the area made up entirely of schools from York and Lancaster counties saw four teams make it through the opening round. Region 3 provided two of the previous four upper state participants for the Class 4A state championship contest.

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About American Football School State Championship

Winning the region demonstrates that you are the best of the best, as Northwestern’s playoff run to the state championship game demonstrated. Every Friday night, everyone in our region must play at their best, according to Marcus Surratt, head coach of Lancaster.

It just comes down to consistency. “The winner of the region will likely represent the upper state in the 4A state final. However, this year’s success cannot solely be attributed to last year. Every school has been working hard this offseason to get better and get ready for the 2023 season, which will feature a tough non-regional and regional schedule in American Football School State Championship..

As we begin Week 1, here is a peek of the top Class 4A institutions.

American Football

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Northwest TROJANS in American Football School State Championship

How they performed: 13-2, 5-0; South Florence defeated them in the 4A state final.

 It hurt to lose the state title game the previous year. Head coach Page Wofford, who is in his sixth season, stated, “It was not a good feeling at all. “The outcome wasn’t what we wanted.” But the defeat gave rise to a new adage: “So what, now what?” “Grit” is a key component of transforming sorrow into opportunity.

When something awful occurs, you must put it behind you and move on, according to Wofford. “If something positive occurs, you must move on and leave it behind you. You won’t score the next touchdown if you’re still focused on the previous one. You won’t make the next play if you’re still considering the last one.

American Football

The season was excellent for Northwestern in American Football School State Championship.

After relocating from Class 5A, it was their first season in Class 4A since 2015. And they successfully defended their regional title. Without regard to class, they successfully completed an unbeaten third consecutive sweep of the area.

Greer Hopkins, a senior quarterback and wide receiver, remarked, “I think things went great for us overall.” We scored a lot of points on offense, and the front-line players performed admirably and effectively. Wofford claimed that no significant adjustments were made to the roster this summer. He, his coaching staff, and the players have complete faith in the effort they have made, and they fully anticipate that it will pay off when the games begin.

We have faith in our procedure, Wofford added. We believe that our approach is a good approach, the approach that got us there, the approach we’ve built, and the approach we will keep developing on. Northwestern has big hopes for the year 2023.

Many believe the squad will continue where they left off now that key players like senior running back Turbo Richard and junior quarterback Finley Polk are back. In Class 4A, the Trojans are ranked first. The theme, though, is “so what, now what” for the players.

Hopkins retorted, “We’ll worry about what’s occurring today. Whatever happened back then happened back then. “You’ll have high aspirations while attending Northwestern. Every year, in my opinion, we live up to those expectations. But all we need to do is take things one play at a time, one down at a time, and finish the job.

COPPERHEADS AT CATAWBA RIDGE in American Football School State Championship

They lost to Greenville in the third round and finished 11-2, 4-1. How can the best football season in school history be improved upon?

 Zac Lendyak, the head coach, is trying to answer that question.

Prior to losing the region championship to Northwestern in the regular-season finale, Catawba Ridge started the season by winning its first nine games.

In the school’s four-year history, the Copperheads made it to the third round of the playoffs twice in American Football School State Championship.

American Football

 Lendyak stated, “Whenever you win double-digit games, you’re really excited.” “It’s impressive to go 11-2 against the competition in 4A in South Carolina and the region we play in.” We’re very happy with that. Kind of what we hoped to develop into.

The team from last year was the first real graduating class for Catawba Ridge. Many important seniors have now left as a result.

 Top rushers, passers, and receivers have all graduated. Lendyak added, “We lost a lot. “We lost a lot of offensive linemen, two quarterbacks, our middle linebacker, and a great wide receiver, but we also got a lot of guys stepping up,” said the coach.

Ira Mister, a senior running back and defensive back who ran for 654 yards and five touchdowns while adding 62 total tackles last season, is one of the players coaches are now eager for. Brody Ambrose, a junior tight end, also made 26 receptions for 359 yards and three touchdowns.

Both the offensive and defensive lines will likely have multiple key players, including linebacker Jackson Burger, who had over 100 total tackles last season, and Chayson Anderton.

Lendyak added, “We’re just watching for guys to step up and take that job and understand that, yes, you might be my main tight end, but you had to play some defensive end for me, too. Although you are my starting center, you must also serve as my nose guard. Simply accept the mental component of football.

As the fifth year begins, Catawba Ridge athletics is starting to take shape. The baseball and softball teams won the school’s first two state championships in the previous spring. Lendyak claimed that his squad is inspired by their accomplishment.

That is what Lendyak desired. I’m incredibly delighted for baseball and softball, but there’s also a little jealously because we want one for ourselves after seeing how much fun it is.


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