For the time being, things are as they are, despite Tyler,  Dolly Parton The Creator’s calls for change and dissatisfaction with New Music Friday. Few want to compete with American Thanksgiving and the Black Friday version of Record Store Day (see out what’s available here), so it’s a quiet week. A list of the participating retailers is available here.) However, we may discuss a few non-holiday singles and albums of Dolly Parton and ors..

Dolly Parton – Butterfly/Big Machine with Måneskin and Jolene

A few days following the release of her Rockstar album, Dolly Parton shared a bonus track featuring a duet between herself and Måneskin from their hit movie Jolene. There are several similarities to the White Stripes version. This may be found in the record’s enhanced digital edition. A cover of Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets to Paradise” is also included.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been forced to listen to a good number of Christmas/holiday songs, so I feel compelled to add at least one. All around North America, alternative radio stations played this rendition of Little Drummer Boy Dolly Parton.

“The first all-female Pirate Metal band from the Bermuda Triangle,” according to Pirate Queen Dolly Parton, is what they are. In honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, this premiere single was made available. This one has a ton of hooks. Additionally, it may or may not be connected to the upcoming 2024 Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Dolly Parton Steal The Show

Thanksgiving was a memorable day for country music icon Dolly Parton, who lit up social media with her performance at the Salvation Army’s 27th annual Red Kettle Kickoff Halftime Show.

One week remains till Thanksgiving to Dolly Parton, so whether we were prepared or not, the Christmas season has already begun. We need fresh music now more than ever, as you’re getting ready for your yearly catch-up chats with family and friends. Since there are journeys to be made and comforting is required.

In addition, as I already indicated, it’s the Christmas season, which means that a lot of musicians are going to release holiday music to help you get into the mood. We’ve got another week’s worth of new music ready thanks to my own research, the endless press releases that keep showing up in my mailbox, and the tracks from Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist!

Yes, I have a brand-new playlist full of music you probably didn’t realize you needed. Discovering new music is always a smart idea, whether you’re staying home on this beautiful November Friday, attending Friendsgivings, or hitting the clubs.

Spencer Smith

Currently one of pop music’s most intriguing young talents is Lauren Spencer Smith. Whether it’s a pop dance track with a rock influence or a ballad, she can turn every song into a masterpiece. She’s here now to give us a taste of the holidays with a performance of “Santa Baby”; her perfect, succinct vocals are flirtatious, melancholic, and faultless.

She’s really into the holiday spirit, having released “Broke Christmas” along with her “Santa Baby” version and a cover of “Hallelujah” earlier this month. It raises the question of what she is incapable of doing.

Sabrina Carpenter, a female musician who has had a huge year, gained popularity on TikTok for her “Nonsense” stage outros, which she performed both as an opening act for Taylor Swift and on her own. Carpenter, who released her fifth studio album in 2022, is being referred to be the “next big popstar.” Her email address is emails.icantsend.

Fruitcake, a holiday EP including six distinctively Carpenter tunes, is now available. Even if you may become weary of hearing the same old cheerful Christmas tunes over and over, Sabrina Carpenter’s fruitcake shows that there is still room for innovation in the holiday song genre.

This holiday season, Jimmy Fallon and Meghan Trainor collaborate on a fun song. You get the iconic Meghan Trainor sound and feel, pleading with you to “wrap me up” because she’s the “whole damn package”. Additionally, any song featuring Jimmy Fallon is sure to excite listeners right away.

I adore Meghan Trainor’s songs because it’s genuinely all about having a good time and being yourself. It is a contagious, frequently viral technique that makes everyone dance, whether they choose to or not. It comes as no surprise that “Wrap Me Up” is no exception.

Chloe Stroll

One of Popdust’s favorite musicians, Chloe Stroll, has a genuine approach to creating high-caliber music that is accessible and enjoyable to listen to. Her most recent song, “Homesick,” demonstrates her development as a new artist in the industry and demonstrates her willingness to put in a lot of effort to produce these tunes that are almost flawless. She sings of being lonely for someone and longing for their affection.

It’s a pop sound with synthesizers and a piano undertone, naturally. Her vocal range is on display, and when she leaps into each chorus, you can sense the emotion. This song is perfect for introducing you to Chloe Stroll.

The airy, soulful tone of Elle Darlington is evocative of the beloved pop divas that we are all familiar with. She sings “Christmas is you” so easily that you wonder if there’s a note she can’t reach. Her rendition of a lovely bedroom pop Christmas tune will romanticize your holiday season and make you want to walk outside in the snow. As Darlington puts it,

“My favorite season has always been Christmas. This song captures my favorite part of Christmas, which is spending time with my loved ones. My fondest holiday memories are soundtracked by so many of my heroes, including Mariah and Ariana, so it’s so exciting that “Christmas is you” can help other people create similar experiences.

DRAMA: “As I Am”

 With its tremendous intensity and otherworldly vibe, “As I Am” is the newest song off of DRAMA’s Til We Die EP. It will instantly transport you to the club dance floor. “As I Am” aptly sums up all that Til We Die has to offer, which is one of DRAMA’s greatest albums to date. Listening seems like the finest way to escape from reality; it’s like entering into a cloud.

Electronic R&B from DRAMA has enticing club songs that entice you to stay out all night long, along with lyrics that provoke thinking and upbeat sounds. “As I Am” offers a glimpse into a tormented romantic relationship, concealed under a heavenly, captivating melody.


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