Donald Trump’s Legal Woes Continue : Colorado Supreme Court Ruling Shakes Up 2024 Presidential Race


Donald Trump is not permitted to run for president in Colorado in Next Year, the state’s Supreme Court concluded, citing a constitutional insurrection provision.

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Court decision on Donald Trump Case

By a vote of 4–3, the court decided that Mr. Donald Trump was ineligible to run for office due to his involvement in an uprising over the US Capitol disturbance over three years prior.

The Trump team pledged to appeal, labeling the ruling as anti-democratic.  

14th amendment

This is the first time that a presidential contender has ever been disqualified under Section 3 of the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment.

Attempts to remove Mr. Donald Trump from the ballot in Minnesota, Michigan, and New Hampshire have also been unsuccessful.

The ruling from Tuesday is only applicable to Colorado; it has been put on hold until next month while an appeal is processed.

The decision only pertains to the state’s primary on March 5, when Republican voters will select their front-runner for president; nevertheless, it may have an impact on Colorado’s regular election in November of next year.

In their decision, the judges stated: “We do not come to these judgments lightly. We recognize the importance and gravity of the questions that are currently in front of us.

We also recognize that it is our grave responsibility to enforce the law impartially and fearlessly. without letting the opinions of the general public influence the choices that the law requires us to make.

The ruling overturns a previous ruling by a Colorado court that presidents were exempt from the 14th Amendment’s ban on insurrection since the clause did not specifically identify them.

Donald Trump

The judge of the lower court likewise concluded that Mr. Trump had taken part in an uprising during the US Capitol incident. On January 6, 2021, his followers stormed Congress as MPs were announcing President Joe Biden’s electoral win.

The ruling of the Colorado Supreme Court won’t take effect until January 4, 2024. That is the night before the state’s deadline for printing its ballots for the presidential primary.

A representative for the Donald Trump campaign, Steven Cheung, criticized the justices, all of whom were nominated by Democratic governors, and labeled the decision as “completely flawed”.

Democrat Party leadders

“Democrat Party leaders are in a state of paranoia over the growing, dominant lead President Donald Trump has amassed in the polls,” Cheung stated in a statement.

They are now making every effort to prevent American voters from toppling them in November of next year because they have lost trust in the disastrous Biden administration.”

Mr. Cheung went on to say that the legal team for Mr. Trump will “swiftly file an appeal” to the US Supreme Court, which is presided over by conservatives 6 to 3.

In response to the Colorado decision, Mr. Biden’s reelection campaign representatives remained silent. However, a prominent Democrat associated with the campaign said CBS News, the US partner of the BBC, that Democrats would benefit from the ruling since it would bolster their claim that the Capitol brawl in the US was an attempted uprising.

According to the source, Democrats would be able to highlight “the stark differences” between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden with its assistance.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, among other Republican members, denounced the ruling as “a thinly veiled partisan attack”.

“No voter should be denied the opportunity to support their former president and the candidate leading every poll in the Republican primary, regardless of their political party,” he stated.

Donald Trump

Vivek Ramaswamy republican presidential candidate

Republican primary challengers of Mr. Donald Trump also criticized the decision while on the campaign road, with Vivek Ramaswamy threatening to remove his name from the ballot should Mr. Trump’s candidacy not be allowed to return.

During his Tuesday night speech at a campaign rally in Iowa, Mr. Trump did not mention the decision. However, in a campaign fundraising email, he said, “this is how dictatorships are born” to supporters.

Republican on decision

In response, the Colorado Republican Party declared that if the decision was upheld, it would not participate in the state’s primary elections.

The organization that filed the lawsuit, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (Crew), applauded the decision.

“Protecting the future of democracy in our nation is not only historic and justified, but also imperative,” stated Noah Bookbinder, the group’s president, in a statement.

Following the American Civil War, the 14th Amendment was passed. When southern states re-joined the Union, Section 3 was designed to prevent secessionists from taking on new positions in government.

It was applied to former members of Congress Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, and Alexander Stephens, his vice president. Since then, its use has been infrequent.

Colorado was a hugely defeatist state for Mr. Donald Trump in the most recent presidential election. But, there may be major issues for Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign if judges other states with higher voter turnout decided similarly to Tuesday’s decision.

The former president’s attorneys contended that he shouldn’t be disqualified since he wasn’t responsible for the US Capitol riot during a one-week trial held in Colorado last month.

Donald Trump

voting share

However, the majority of the Colorado Supreme Court decided otherwise.

They said that Mr. Donald Trump had issued a “call to his supporters to fight and… his supporters responded to that call” before to the melee.

The government could not “deprive someone of the right to hold public office without due process of law,” contended Carlos Samour, one of the three judges who dissented.

“Before we may proclaim a candidate ineligible to occupy public office, due process must be followed, even if we are persuaded that they have engaged in rebellion or other heinous deeds in the past.,” he stated.

There are four criminal charges against Mr. Donald Trump; two of them are federal and one state proceedings in Georgia that deal with his purported attempts to sabotage the election.


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