Emmett Shear, the former co-founder and CEO of Twitch, officially announced that he will accept the top position at perhaps the most well-known AI startup in the world, capping a weekend full of rumors and conjecture.

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Sam Altman, the previous CEO of OpenAI, was abruptly fired a few days ago, and his replacement has already been announced.

Emmett Shear said on X early on Monday that he received a call from the firm requesting that he step in as temporary CEO and that, “after consulting with my family and thinking about it for a short while,” he had agreed to the offer.

It follows Altman’s departure from OpenAI, where he oversaw the creation of the enormously successful generative AI chatbot ChatGPT, following pressure to resign from the board.

Although the reasons for his exit are unknown, several insiders have voiced doubts about Altman’s suitability for the organization. There were worries that the fact that he is associated with Worldcoin, an eye-scanning tech startup, would have been a distraction.

Emmett Shear is who?

Although Shear is well-known in Silicon Valley, most people are unaware of him.

Shear turned the live-streaming platform Twitch, which he co-founded in 2007 alongside Justin Kan, Michael Seibel, and Kyle Vogt, from a platform that first streamed Kan’s life around the clock to a global sensation.

Emmett Shear resigned as Twitch’s CEO last year after Twitch was purchased by Amazon for $1 billion in 2014.

He encountered conflict while working for the firm since some streamers felt that the platform wasn’t standing up for their rights. With competitor YouTube luring some well-known Twitch personalities with lucrative exclusive broadcasting partnerships, it found itself embroiled in a heated talent war.

Emmett Shear joined the startup incubator Y Combinator as a partner following his resignation from the streaming platform. Prior to this, Altman served as Y Combinator’s president.

Shear was on the 2005 Y Combinator program and co-founded the calendar software Kiko Calendar before starting Twitch.

Emmett Shear gave an explanation for accepting the OpenAI position in his article on X Monday.

Shear said in the article early on Monday, “I had recently resigned from my role as CEO of Twitch due to the birth of my now 9 month old son.”

It’s been exactly as rewarding as I expected being with him, so I was happy to give up a full-time career.

I accepted this position because I think OpenAI is one of the most significant businesses operating today. I didn’t make the choice lightly when the board informed me of the circumstances and requested me to assume the job.

Why this matters

Shear was quickly promoted to CEO of OpenAI, placing him in command of one of the most significant businesses in the AI industry today.

OpenAI is well-known for ChatGPT, a generative AI chatbot.

A large language model, or LLM, is the potent technology underlying that chatbot. This AI model, which was trained on a massive quantity of data, can comprehend and produce human language.

Shear will probably come under fire in her role as head of OpenAI from authorities who have been closely examining AI model firms due to the hazards associated with the technology, including the possibility of job displacement and disinformation.

Major foundational AI businesses attended the U.K.’s important symposium on AI safety earlier this month to explore some of the most urgent concerns in the industry.

Leaders from around the world prioritized discussing the “existential risk” that artificial intelligence (AI) poses to humanity.

Despite being in charge of a corporation that was seeking to quickly advance the technology, Altman has personally issued warnings about the possibility that artificial intelligence may wipe out humans.


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