Empowering Michiganders : How the PATH Program Catalyzed a $2,000 Salary Boost for 8,000 Individuals


In 2023, the PATH program trained and supported over 8,000 Michiganders, resulting in an average annual salary rise of $2,000 higher than their counterparts.

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Path Programme for Michiganders

Immanual Jackson became the primary provider of income after his wife fell ill and became a delighted father of twin sons in December 2021. During that time, Immanual was a full-time medical student, and his busy schedule left little time for work.

After Immanual and his spouse contacted the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), the state Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) enrolled them in the Partnership.Accountability.Training.Hope (PATH) program.

Through labor activities, job training, and employability skills, PATH assists participants in obtaining and retaining employment, earning earnings, and achieving self-sufficiency. Local administration of these services is handled by the relevant The state Works! Service Center.

“Michigan Works! staff were able to accommodate my needs by providing services virtually because of my limited free time,” Immanual stated. They also delivered items directly to my house when my wife and I were unable to take the boys out.

PATH workers not only linked Immanual with extra community resources to assist ease the needs of his infants, but also offered career training programs. Additionally, they were able to assist with the cost of the scrubs Immanual required to do his clinical rounds at several hospitals.

Most PATH members encounter obstacles including childcare, money for work clothing, lack of transportation, and job search skills. The program’s graduates make $2,000 more annually on average than their contemporaries.

The state’s coordinated efforts across agencies to direct Michiganders toward bright futures and supply companies with the trained labor they require to thrive are exemplified by Michigan’s PATH project, according to LEO Director Susan Corbin. “This groundbreaking initiative propels our workforce and economy toward a brighter, more prosperous future and helps citizens bring home bigger paychecks.”

MDHHS and LEO are able to better serve Michiganders by working together to satisfy the criteria of PATH participants. While LEO offers tools and job preparation training to assist participants in returning to the workforce, MDHHS offers programs to address the health and wellness requirements of participants and their families.

MDHHS Director Statement

According to MDHHS director Elizabeth Hertel, “our partnership with LEO enables MDHHS to meet our goal of giving state residents easy access to benefits and services that help them realize their dreams.” LEO is focused on assisting PATH participants in returning to the workforce, while MDHHS may attempt to offer other benefits like health care and food assistance.

In the fiscal year 2023, the PATH program provided training and supportive services to almost 8,000 individuals in the state. Over 50% of the individuals in this program effectively left public assistance programs and began new occupations.

Each person has unique obstacles in their pursuit of an education and a career, according to Stephanie Beckhorn, Director of LEO’s Office of Employment and Training. Thanks to initiatives like PATH, we can work one-on-one with each participant to identify the services they need and connect them to the right resources.

Immanual was able to pay for his most recent medical board exam because to the cooperative connections forged during the PATH program. Immanuel is now a resident physician in internal medicine at University of Michigan Health-West, having graduated from State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine in May 2023.

Services for the PATH program are offered by Michigan Works! network. Visit Michigan.gov/MichiganWorks to get the address of your community. Michigan-based Works! Service Center. You may find out more about the program at Michigan.gov/PATH.


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