International Beer Day

International Beer Day, celebrated on the first Friday in August, is a time for beer drinkers all around the world to celebrate their love of lagers, stouts, and IPAs.

In July 2023, FOX31 looked up Google reviews for Denver breweries with the best ratings. Any place with at least 4.6 stars and 900 total reviews was considered.

celebration an open garden

The best spots in Denver to get a beer and celebrate the unofficial holiday are listed below.

Brewery Black Sky on International Beer Day

The most highly rated product is Black Sky, which has 4.7 stars and 932 reviews. The majority of reviews gushed about their heavy metal look and, of course, their beer.

The beer in Colorado? Rankings give the state’s breweries a lot of love.

Every beer I’ve drank so far has been exceptional and memorable because they offer such a wide variety. Both rockers and fans of metal will enjoy the setting and subject.I’ve been here twice, and each time, I can’t help but smile because I know I’m going to have a fantastic time and some great beer. The demon seed IPA is my favorite beer here, and I highly recommend it to any IPA fans, wrote Giovanni Salido on the Google review.

Briar Common Eatery and Brewery on International Beer Day

Briar Common, which has 4.6 stars and 1.6K ratings, comes in second. The fact that the brewery also serves as a restaurant contributes to the easygoing, welcoming environment. You can have a beer flight with your dinner on the rooftop. You can visit without eating if you just want to get a local brew.

The brewery’s selection of regional beers is well renowned. The stout made with locally roasted coffee was a particular favorite, according to Joe Hakim, a local expert on Google reviews.

Brewery Bull & Bush on International Beer Day

The London-style brewery was modeled after the original Bull & Bush in London. Original antiquities from the British tavern, which goes back to 1645, are all over the brewery. In 1.3K reviews, the brewery received 4.6 stars.

“To top it all off, the brewery provides a variety of well produced and presented artisan beers. You’re sure to find a brew that will stimulate your taste buds and leave you in awe of the amazing craftsmanship, whether you’re an experienced beer connoisseur or a curious newbie, Bertha Price said.

International Beer Day

Brewery Great Divide Co.

There are several beers at Great Divide, from delectable to downright strange. The Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale and flavored stouts with flavors like S’mores, PB&J, Nutella, and Peanut Butter received positive reviews on Google.

Check the schedule before you go. Seasonal brews and new releases are available all year round, and the menu is continuously changing. 1.2K reviews gave the brewery a total rating of 4.6 stars.

International Beer Day

Colorado Beer Company

Denver Beer Company had several locations, but the one with the best ratings, 4.6 stars and 917 reviews, was on Platte Street. The brewery’s indoor and outdoor spaces were praised by reviewers. Numerous individuals applauded the brewery for allowing dogs. A lively, relaxed atmosphere is created by the frequent presence of a food truck by the brewery.

The brewery offers a huge variety of craft brews. Josh Baltazar, a reviewer, remarked that his server’s recommendation to mix 80% Juicy Freak with 20% Princess Yum Yum was fantastic.

International Beer Day

Having a nice beer may be the best way to end your Friday. Try one of these breweries or any of the other others in the Denver area. You can’t go wrong with beer, that much is true.


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