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In this blog we delve you interesting facts about cats on International cat day.

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They are adorable and fluffy. playful and inquisitive. affectionate and (well, yes), occasionally behave like cuddly little monsters. There are several reasons why we adore cats, and experts believe it’s a good thing that we do.

According to medical researchers, owning a cat can improve your health by reducing stress and possibly lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease. After a long, arduous day at work, everyone who has been nuzzled by a purring cat understands the difference it makes.

Cats are amazing, yet occasionally their behavior is puzzling. International Cat Day occurs on Tuesday, August 8. Here are five things your kitty friend might be doing to mark the occasion and what they represent on international cat day.

Although cats are amazing, sometimes their behavior is strange. Tuesday, August 8 is International Cat Day. Here are five celebration-related activities your cat pal might be engaging in and what they stand for.

“When cats do so, it is a gesture of trust that they expose their bellies. However, if we accept their ‘offer’ by massaging their bellies, they might bite or scratch us back because it was only intended to be a form of communication, according to Sam Meisler, DVM, a veterinarian and the owner of PetWellClinic, in a Reader’s Digest article.

International cat day

8 aug International Cat Day

On International cat day About litter box

Have you ever performed a search for “Why is my cat not using the litter box?” on Google? or “How to get the smell of cat pee out of a couch,” we sympathize with you. It’s annoying to deal with ruined furniture, and you might wonder if your cat secretly despises you. According to experts, this behavior is rare for felines and could be the result of a number of underlying causes, such as:

an infection of the urinary system.

kidney issues.


an unclean litter box.

strange and new litter.

The cat is attempting to assert its dominance over the new pet in the home.

If your cat starts using the bathroom outside of the litterbox, think about taking it to the doctor as soon as you can to make sure your pet doesn’t have a significant medical problem. Clean your cat’s litter box every day as well. Both your cat and your sofa will appreciate it.

Cats would absolutely purchase gifts for us from Amazon to demonstrate their affection. Even if the present might seem strange, like a new scratching post, the thought is what really matters, right? Cats may occasionally bring things to the table: dead things, just like lovers would occasionally give each other flowers or drop off a great plate of tacos.

According to experts, you shouldn’t chastise your well-intentioned cat when it brings you a bird or mouse that it has killed. It’s flattering when cats bring food to a safe location and occasionally they want to share it with family, including you.

It’s beautiful to see a cat curled up in a blanket, especially when they’make biscuits’ or knead on the soft fabric. According to, there are alternate theories for why this behavior takes place besides the traditional understanding that a cat is reverting to its more kitten-like origins.

International cat day

Some causes of cats chewing and kneading blankets include:

It has to do with territory. aroma glands on cat paws will leave their personal aroma on the blanket.

It comes naturally. Your cat used to nurse in this manner.

It’s calming. They can be experiencing tension or anxiety.

Make sure your cat isn’t ripping the blanket apart and consuming the shreds. In that case, get in touch with your veterinarian’s clinic. If cats are too agitated, they occasionally consume things they shouldn’t, bored or lonely.

International cat day

cats affaction show on International Cat Day

Cats display affection in a variety of ways. One of them entails grooming one another, which also involves you. Cats are typically tidy creatures, so if one cuddles up next to you and begins to lick your skin, consider it a sign that they care.

According to, another reason why your cat might start licking you is because they’re lonely, so you should definitely pay them more attention and “groom them back” by petting them more frequently or brushing them.


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