You may wish to add this helmet to your collection if you enjoy Lego’s line of Star Wars helmets.

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 The cost of the Dark Trooper Helmet has been lowered by 20% on, now only $55.99 instead of $69.99.

reason for you to get the Lego Star Wars Dark Trooper Helmet

There’s a single compelling reason for you to get the Star Wars Dark Trooper Helmet: its availability is limited. Very few Lego Star Wars kits are available on the market for more than two years, and this specific set has been around since March 2022. Since it’s probably going to be discontinued in the next months, this could be your final opportunity to get it at a reduced price as well as your last opportunity to grab it  Full stop.

We gave the Star Wars Dark Trooper Helmet high marks for appearance in our review because, although being mostly black, the forms the variety of bricks used to make it seem amazing. If you’re a major fan of Star Wars, you’ll love how accurate the final design is to the original, and it’s well-built.

There are some extra benefits because is the direct source of this Black Friday discount. Joining Lego Insiders is free, and once you’re enrolled, you may use your points to deduct 5% of your purchases off your total. Additionally, a Winter Market Stall set (worth $20) is given free of charge when you buy more than $170.

The Lego Star Wars Dark Trooper Helmet, with its 693 pieces, may not be the largest model ever assembled, but it doesn’t take away from the spectacular final product. It is a part of a series of Star Wars helmets, so it may be displayed as a statement piece on its own or as part of a bigger set.

Model’s for

This model is intended for adults as it is rated 18+. This indicates that it has a somewhat more intricate design, thus certain elements of the building may be a bit tricky for a novice or younger Lego builder. But if you persevere, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing and eye-catching model.

Though we generally dislike stickers on the models, the angles on this helmet’s face are expertly crafted, and they at least provide some great depth. But the combination truly comes together with those radiant red eyes—you won’t soon forget their penetrating gaze.

Key Features

Designed primarily for adults and collectors, the Dark Trooper is a part of the Star Wars Helmets series. There are 693 parts in the

package, along with comprehensive building instructions. The number is 75343.

Consensus: The Lego Star Wars Dark Trooper Helmet is a great addition to the helmet collection and makes a fantastic display set for Lego enthusiasts. Although the building process might be a little tricky at times, the finished product is quite impressive.

Purchase this item if you’re a fan of Star Wars and want to begin (or expand) your collection of Lego Star Wars headgear.

Alternative models for Helmet

Darth Vader is about as identifiable as it gets when it comes to Lego Star Wars helmets. Clone Commander Cody and The Mandalorian are two more shows that we adore.

Take 20% off one of the greatest Lego Star Wars helmets on the market right now. Though this Dark Trooper is rarely on sale, you can save $14 right now if you take advantage of’s Black Friday offer. You should add it to your collection of Star Wars helmets since it’s a fantastic construction.


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