Power Outage

West Michigan had damaging storms and extensive Power Outge on Thursday evening.

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Power Outage Michian

Power outages have also been more frequent in parts of northern Kent County and much of Ionia County, where storm damage reports have been more frequent.

As the line of storms grew more intense, warnings were issued. For Kent County, a tornado warning has been issued. On Friday, the National Weather Service will probably undertake damage inspections to ascertain if tornadoes or straight-line winds were responsible for storm damage.

As it proceeded southeast, the line intensified and caused extensive power disruptions in parts of Ionia County. In Eaton County, as the same line passed through, winds of 70 to 80 miles per hour were recorded.


Storms over the region resulted in felled trees and cables as well as wind damage. At the sheriff’s office facility at 701 Ball Ave. in Grand Rapids, the Kent County Sheriff’s Office has established an emergency operations center. According to deputies, Alpine, Plainfield, and Grand Rapids townships seem to have been the most severely affected.

According to the sheriff’s office, Alpine Avenue has been closed in Alpine Township. Drivers were advised to avoid the roads.

According to Michigan State Police, US-131 at Post Drive is restricted due to powerlines across the freeway. They advised citizens against attempting to move downed powerlines.

In response to reports of building fires, the Grand Rapids Fire Department went to a residence on Spencer Street off Lafayette Avenue NE.

More than 5,000 homes and businesses in Mississauga presently lack electricity, according to the neighborhood power company. Alectra verified the outage and stated that 5,234 premises were impacted.

Power outage

Residents and business owners in the neighborhood are suffering serious inconveniences as a result of the power outage. Many homes and businesses cannot run their regular daily operations without power. Loss of warmth, lighting, and electronic device use are all examples of this.

Although the precise reason of the power outage has not been made public, the neighborhood power provider is making every effort to fix the problem. To help impacted properties obtain power as quickly as possible, power restoration activities are under progress.

Residents and business owners must put safety first in instances like these. It is advised to disconnect appliances and electronic equipment to prevent harm when the power is restored. Perishable food products will last longer if refrigerator and freezer doors are kept closed as much as possible.

It is advised to get in touch with the neighborhood power provider to request help or report any issues caused by the power outage. They will be able to respond to any worries or inquiries you may have about the situation and give updates on how the power restoration is going.

Power Outage

Stay tuned for more updates from the power utility on the anticipated time of power restoration if you live in the impacted area. It is crucial to be understanding and patient as the utility attempts to fix the problem and get electricity back to all impacted properties.

ADVANCE: Power blackouts ( Power Outage )

More than 195,000 of Consumers Energy’s customers are reported to be without power.

The Board of Water and Light’s over 30,000 consumers are without electricity.


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