Colleen Paige started National Dog Day in 2004. She is an authority on pet and family lifestyles, a supporter of animals, and the creator of holidays including National Mutt Day, National Puppy Day, and National Cat Day. The day happened to fall on her family’s first dog adoption anniversary when she was ten years old. National Dog Day celebrates all dogs, purebred and mixed, and its goals are to increase public awareness of the need for dog rescue efforts and to recognize the protective and comforting roles that dogs have played in our lives.

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They assist law enforcement, serve as the blind and disabled’s eyes, and collaborate with law enforcement.

National Dog Day Celebration

National Dog Day is on Saturday, August 26, and given that dogs are being put to death in shelters at a greater rate than in previous years, it is a good opportunity to discuss what individuals can do to help preserve the lives of stray dogs around the nation.

Because they lack homes, more than 450 dogs are put to death in shelters every day in the United States. At shelters around the nation, it equates to nearly 20 dogs every hour.  

“Dogs bring joy and unconditional love to our lives, but the great paradox right now is that we are literally killing our best friends,” said Julie Castle, CEO of closest companions Animal Society.

best friend animal society on national dog day

Data from Best Friends Animal Society, a prominent animal welfare group striving to put a stop to the killing of cats and dogs in American shelters by 2025, shows that the number of canines entering shelters grew by almost 100,000 in 2022. The number of dogs adopted worldwide has stopped at just under one million, and industry data indicates that over the past several years, the number of dogs purchased from breeders and pet retailers has been gradually rising.

Ideas on saving national dog day

Here are a few ideas on how you can support local shelters for homeless pets. Because every life spared brings us one step closer to being a no-kill nation and stopping the needless death of animals in shelters.

Adopting: Choosing the adoption option when wanting to bring a new four-legged friend into your house is one of the simplest ways to support the no-kill movement. Shelters all around the country are stocked with the greatest canines for any lifestyle, whether you’re searching for a little, low-energy apartment partner or a child-friendly companion.

Not ready to adopt? Consider fostering. Fostering is a fantastic choice since it gives an animal the time and space to unwind while acclimating to life in a family. Since it gives animals a temporary home until they may be adopted, no-kill is especially crucial. Numerous organizations now provide foster-to-adopt programs so that people may determine whether a pet is a good fit for their family before adopting.

Transporting: In order to save more lives, it is essential to move animals from places where there are too many pets searching for homes to those where there is a demand for pets. People may be a crucial part of the no-kill movement by operating a transport of suitable animals.  

Volunteering: Staff members at shelters around the nation are overworked. Running a shelter efficiently requires a variety of chores, including walking dogs, cleaning kennels, and doing laundry. Staff may spend more time organizing adoptions, managing admissions, and campaigning for their resident animals when chores are assigned to volunteers.

Donating: If volunteering is not possible due to a lack of time, donations can help shelters save more lives by providing funding. Donations are not always financial as well. Supplies like food, blankets, towels, kitty litter, and even old newspapers are always needed by shelters. Find out what the local shelter needs by getting in touch with them.

Sharing: Shelters and rescue organizations frequently publish about the pets they have on hand. Sharing these postings on social media platforms raises awareness and may aid in finding foster or adoptive homes for pets. It’s a quick, cost-free, and simple approach to change things for the better.

Best Friends Animal Society information

Leading animal advocacy organization Best Friends Animal Society is trying to put a stop to the slaughter of dogs and cats in American shelters by 2025. Best Friends, a pioneer in the no-kill movement, was founded in 1984 and has contributed to bringing down the annual death toll of animals in shelters from an estimated 17 million to about 378,000. Best Friends operates the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the country as well as lifesaving initiatives all around the country. Best Friends is aiming to Save Them All® by collaborating with a network of more than 4,300 animal welfare and shelter partners as well as local community members countrywide.


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