The leaders of United Steel Workers Local 4-200 advised the nurses at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick to be ready for a strike, which is expected to start at 7 a.m. on Friday morning, at the conclusion of a staff meeting on Thursday morning, according to union president Judy Danella.

about UPS Strike

Danella statement on Nurses Strike

Danella emphasized that the union has been trying to prevent a strike, but that a work stoppage is imminent because no additional negotiations are currently scheduled.

Danella remarked, “We urged our members to be ready.

For an occasion that nobody actually wants, she stated.

“A strike is bad for the workers and bad for everyone else, too. She stated, “It’s not good for the patients, and it’s not good for the hospital. “Someone must pay attention to both sides. There are two sides to every tale, therefore you can’t just hear one.


Uncertainty exists over the next step for Nurses Strike.

Danella claimed that although communication has been limited recently, the union has maintained contact with Gov. Phil Murphy’s team throughout the experience. Danella stated that given how heavily the administration was involved in the most recent strike at Rutgers University, the union was looking for more.

Senior administration officials stated that they have been actively working to settle remaining issues with the management and union leaders at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and will continue to do so.

An administration representative said, “The administration will continue to be involved in helping to resolve the potential work stoppage.”

Danella also stated that the union was hoping to meet with state senator Joe Vitale (D-Woodbridge) and U.S. representative Frank Pallone (D-6th Dist.) later on Thursday afternoon, but she did not believe that would provide an immediate reprieve.

A compromise? Danella claimed that there had been little prospect of that all week. The hospital received a proposal from the union earlier in the week, which, according to Danella, was returned with little modification from the one that the rank-and-file members had previously rejected.


The union is preparing its members for a strike as a result.

Danella claimed that the union had instructed the striking nurses on how to submit an application for unemployment benefits, which they may do. She also stated that the union has urged nurses who have supplementary per-diem jobs—which is common in the field—to think about expanding those hours, even if doing so might affect their possible unemployment pay.

The organization, which has created numerous social media accounts for discussing the most recent information, also informed workers about emergency relief funds that members may be qualified for in times of dire need.

Danella clarified that nurses won’t suddenly face financial difficulty.


Danella said the union has been urging members to take on extra shifts and save the extra cash to prepare for this potential day because the strike has seemed to be a real possibility for some time.

It’s uncertain when they’ll return to the negotiating table, let alone the workplace.

Danella stated that a mediator has been present during the whole negotiation process and will remain so if they are resumed. The union, she added, is not, however, interested in binding arbitration.

We attempted binding arbitration for our contract in 2020, but were unsuccessful, she explained, so we have rejected. Many of the participants are hesitant to repeat that.

“I suppose that would be a last-ditch effort. However, it didn’t assist us in 2020, so I’m not sure why it will now.


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