Pierce Brosnan’s Alleged Off-Trail Adventure at Yellowstone : James Bond Star in Hot Water


Well-known actor Pierce Brosnan, 70, is in legal hot water after entering forbidden areas of Yellowstone National Park. According to  News, the actor, who is best known for playing James Bond, was mentioned in court records filed on Tuesday in the US District Court in Wyoming for going off-trail into thermal zones and breaking closure orders.

Pierce Brosnan case

In order to answer the allegations against him, Pierce Brosnan is required to appear in court at the Yellowstone Justice Center on January 23, according to the court documents. Legal concerns pertaining to the national park are handled by the Yellowstone Justice Center.

As of Thursday, neither Brosnan’s publicist nor his legal counsel had responded to News demands for comment, regardless of the legal procedures.

The 2.22 million-acre Yellowstone National Park is well-known for its many thermal basins, which are home to hot springs, geysers, and other natural wonders. However, as the National Park Service’s Yellowstone safety recommendations indicate, there are inherent risks associated with these regions.

It states clearly that guests should “always walk on boardwalks and designated trails.” The recommendations highlight the possible risks associated with thermal formations and stress that hot spring water can cause serious or even deadly burns. It is also highlighted that much of the brittle and breakable crust surrounding hot springs is made of scorching water.

Yellowstone park

The active supervolcano in the park is the source of the extreme heat from Yellowstone’s hydrothermal features, which rise to the surface as hot springs and geysers.

The 2.22 million-acre park is well-known for its over 10,000 thermal geographic features, which include steam vents, hot springs, and geysers.

After taking a break from filming his next movie, “Unholy Trinity,” which also stars David Arquette and Samuel L. Jackson, at a nearby location in Montana, Mr. Brosnan went to the park.

Since 1890, more than 20 people have died as a result of Yellowstone’s thermal characteristics, according to NBC News.

In the United States, it is the oldest, biggest, and most likely most well-known national park. On March 1, 1872, the US Congress created Yellowstone as the nation’s first national park.

Based on court documents acquired by BBC News, the Irish actor, who portrayed James Bond from 1995 to 2002, entered an off-limits area near the Mammoth Terraces on November 1.

Pierce Brosnan

It is said that he entered the environmentally vulnerable area by walking off the boardwalk.

Regarding the accusations, Mr. Pierce Brosnan has remained silent.

The oldest national park in the world, Yellowstone, caused thermal burns to a Michigan man in August when he strayed from the designated route.

A 20-year-old woman attempted to save her puppy from a Yellowstone hot spring in 2021 but was severely burned in the process.

Following his departure from the boardwalk walkway with his sister, a 23-year-old man passed away in the Lower Geyser Basin in 2016.

Subsequently, authorities concluded that it was too dangerous to retrieve his body, and by the next day, it had virtually disappeared.

Filming Unholy Trinity had brought Mr. Brosnan, who had featured in the volcanic smash Dante’s Peak, Mamma Mia, Mrs. Doubtfire, and The Thomas Crown Affair, to the region.

Samuel L. Jackson was also starring in The Western, which was filming after an agreement with Sag-Aftra was reached.

Pierce Brosnan

According to reports, Pierce Brosnan’s current legal situation stems from his recent collaboration with actor Samuel L. Jackson on the Western picture Unholy Trinity. The movie, which was being made at Montana’s Yellowstone Film Ranch, clarified the events leading up to Pierce Brosnan’s entry into forbidden park regions.

A Michigan citizen was burned by heat earlier this year after he wandered into a forbidden area of Yellowstone National Park while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The person in question has pled not guilty to federal criminal charges pertaining to the event. The US Attorney’s Office in Wyoming released a statement in which they described the individual as a “danger to himself or others.”


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