Officials said that the remnants of a Missing F 35 fighter plane that vanished Sunday north of Charleston, South Carolina, had been found in a debris field.

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About Missing F 35 Jet

Joint installation Charleston personnel said the debris field was found around two hours northeast of the installation in a statement released Monday afternoon.

According to a statement from JB Charleston, it is “transferring incident command” to the Marine Corps so they can start the recovery effort.

Officials claim they are unable to disclose any further information while the inquiry is ongoing since the event is still being investigated. The neighborhood has been warned to stay away from the area.

An announcement of a “mishap” was made Sunday afternoon.

The strange incidents happened on Sunday north of Charleston, South Carolina, when a Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 pilot ejected from their aircraft, particularly an F-35B Lightning II.

The Marine Corps declined to say in a previous statement to NPR if the jet’s transponder was on or whether it was equipped with weapons.

Joint Base Charleston stated in a statement posted on Sunday at approximately 5:30 p.m. ET that “The pilot safely made an emergency exit and was taken to a nearby hospital where his condition is stable.

Several local and state police agencies, the Navy, the FAA, and Civil Air Patrol all assisted in the search for the fighter plane on Sunday, according to an update from the base on Monday.

The fighter aircraft was assigned to a squadron whose task it is to teach F-35 pilots and support personnel. Moreover, it participated in airshow performances.

What prompted the pilot to leave the plane is not yet known. The suspected accident is being described as a “mishap” by the Marines and other others participating in the hunt.

2018 saw the crash in South Carolina of a Missing F 35

The previous accident occurred almost five years ago, when a Marine Corps Missing F 35B crashed in South Carolina. Similar to the September 2018 incident, the pilot was able to safely evacuate and land.

An inspection of the whole fleet of F-35 fighter planes owned by the United States and its allies was ordered after the 2018 accident, which was attributed to a malfunctioning fuel tube in the fighter. Before putting the aircraft back into operation, crews made sure the faulty tube wasn’t in the fuel systems.

An Air Force Missing F 35A crashed in Utah in October as a result of flight control computer system confusion brought on by turbulence from another F-35A’s wake. The Air Force claims that the pilot was forced to evacuate because of the aircraft’s low altitude and poor velocity, which prohibited him from recovering control.

Another F-35 model, an F-35A flown by Japan, crashed in 2019. It was determined that human error caused the disaster when the pilot lost his bearings.

According to recent sources, the cost of an F-35B like the one lost in South Carolina is presently over $80 million.

The F-35 was developed over a period of 20 years, which increased its price. Ten years ago, when a significant production line was being built to potentially start producing it, the cost of the Marine version of the jet approached $160 million. Lockheed Martin, its primary defense contractor, expected that when more aircraft were produced, the price would decrease.

Although Smith stated that he had complete trust in the aviation units, he added that given this event and another that has just occurred in Australia, he believed that this was the “right and prudent” thing to do.


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