Tennis fans have been wanting a rematch in New York ever since world No. 1 Carlos Alcaraz received the Wimbledon trophy after defeating Novak Djokovic in a thrilling five-set showdown in July. Their matchup in the US Open final on Sunday appeared inescapable for the majority of the previous two weeks. Djokovic contributed on Friday by defeating American Ben Shelton in the first semifinal in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2, 7-6 (4), and securing a place in the championship match.

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Daniil Medvedev, the 2021 US Open winner, had other ideas, and his victory against the 20-year-old in Friday’s second semifinal stopped his quest for a second consecutive US Open victory. With the win, Medvedev secured a rematch with Djokovic, whom he had previously upset here two years prior to earn his first and only major championship.

What went wrong with Carlos Alcaraz of Spain? Here are four conclusions from his departure.

Carlos Alcaraz in cincinati open

The mental game was won by Medvedev

The 27-year-old Russian was stoic and composed throughout Friday’s encounter, even in the closely contested third set. Carlos Alcaraz sprang up early, hopped about his side of the court, and blasted balls into the wall beyond the baseline while Medvedev sat during changeovers with an almost calm manner until the very last second.

Carlos Alcaraz unexpectedly lost his composure during the first set tiebreak and nearly slammed his racket into the court. Carlos Alcaraz said after the game that he lost his wits at 3-all in the tiebreak. “I ramble on and make three or four points. I didn’t consider. I completely go insane watching that set. I fought for 50 minutes before losing my mind over four points. I found that quite difficult to handle. I left the field after the second set.

Carlos Alcaraz

Any moment Medvedev observed Carlos Alcaraz succumbing to his feelings, he pounced. That was part of the idea, just as much as his net game. “In sport, I believe the energy you have, the determination, that makes a huge difference,” Medvedev’s coach, Gilles Cervara, said following the game. Cervara claimed that while he instructed Medvedev to play aggressive, attacking tennis against Alcaraz, Medvedev’s attitude was as crucial in pulling off the shock. Being aggressive is a component of the plan, according to Cervara. But your mental game is also a factor. It involves more than merely slamming the ball.

Carlos Alcaraz was unable to respond to Medvedev’s significantly better performance

In two matches against Carlos Alcaraz this year, Medvedev failed to win a set. I lost against [Carlos] two times with ease, Medvedev said. I declared before the game that I needed to play 11 out of 10 to win. I performed on 12 of the 10. Alcaraz concurred that Medvedev played more cunningly on Friday.

I believed that I was a better player today to find answers when my performance in the game wasn’t what I wanted it to be,” Alcaraz remarked. But, you know, I’m going to have a change of heart after this game. These pairings are above my level of maturity. I have to research it. Carlos Alcaraz then took his time before explaining what it was about Medvedev’s strategy this time that made it so challenging to counter.

Carlos Alcaraz

Alcaraz remarked, “He played with more speed in his shots.”The forehand running from today was amazing. In the prior games, the slice had helped me find my own game, but tonight I was unable to do so. He never made a mistake, found excellent directions with his strokes, and had a strong serve.

Medvedev played a terrific service game

Medvedev had an 88 percent first-serve success rate in the first two sets, while Alcaraz struggled to maintain his serve throughout the match due to poor receiving. Carlos Alcaraz also missed eight of nine chances to convert break points, whilst Medvedev successfully broke Alcaraz three times in seven tries.

Alcaraz described him as “one of the best returners on the tour.” It is incredible how strong and deep he can return from the back of the court. He always manages to spot the passing shot from, you know, his house when I serve and volley.

Carlos Alcaraz and the rest of the group laughed in response to his last remark. “I have to serve better to be able to stay in a good position after the serve,” he stated. “I have to find the right serve every time.” “I’ll do it in the following game.

Medvedev performed with no stress. Alcaraz gave in to his

The discussion around this year’s men’s draw has revolved around whether the Djokovic-Alcaraz rematch would take place and who — of the two of them — would win the title since the initial question at media day on August 25. Some players took offense to that.

That day, Medvedev commented, “It’s a fantastic story. But once the tournament begins, ideally we can — by “we,” I mean either myself or another player — defeat them and prevent them from playing each other.

Carlos Alcaraz

Despite being ranked No. 3 in the world and having a fantastic record in New York, including a championship and a 26-0 record after taking the first set, Medvedev entered Friday’s match as the underdog. And he performed as such. Alcaraz, on the other hand, was almost certainly going to win. Alcaraz claims he is a different player this year, one who is more mature and capable of handling pressure situations. However, he claimed that he still has a lot of developing to do following his defeat against Medvedev.

Alcaraz stated, “I’m going to ponder about this defeat for a very long time. I wish to get knowledge from it. These sorts of competitions really aid in your improvement and development. I need to discuss how I can improve with Juan Carlos and my team.


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