As it moves over Texas, Harold has become a Tropical Storm depression, prompting flash flood and tornado warnings as the ferocious storm moves toward Mexico.

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Tropical Storm Harold

Harold became the first Tropical Storm to make landfall in the United States during the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season just before 10 a.m. CT (11 a.m. ET) on Padre Island, Texas is seeing steady winds with 50 mph and 67 mph gusts.

According to a National Hurricane Center bulletin issued at 5 p.m. ET, the storm now has sustained winds of 30 mph, and the Texas coast is no longer under any tropical storm advisories.

Within the following few hours, the storm’s center will move further into northern Mexico, where it is now located roughly 15 miles to the east of Laredo, Texas.

As Tropical Storm Harold moves westward, it will continue to pour heavily and will be violently windy in parts of southern Texas and Mexico. According to, the winds have cut off power to about 20,000 consumers in Texas as of Tuesday night.

tropical storm

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Harold will be able to drop 3 to 5 inches of rain across South Texas, with locally higher amounts closer to 7 inches. 4 to 6 inches of rain are anticipated throughout Mexico.

Up to 10 inches of rain are forecast for northern Mexico tonight, where it will rain the most.

Through Tuesday, the southern Texas coast could have dangerous surf and rip currents, and it’s likely that a few tornadoes could form in the region. Early on Tuesday afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a number of tornado warnings for South Texas.

As the state continues to face one of its hottest and driest summers on record, the storm is sweeping over southern Texas.

According to National Weather Service data, Corpus Christi, Texas, has already recorded more rain in a short period of time than it has all summer. From Tuesday morning through early afternoon, the region and points south experienced widespread rainfall totaling 1 to 2.5 inches.

While some of the drought-stricken state may benefit from the rains brought on by this tropical cyclone, places of extreme and exceptional drought in Central Texas may not receive much of it.

Tropical Storm

In preparation for Harold’s arrival, Texans prepared. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, dispatched swift water rescue boat squads in addition to other emergency resources. Authorities stated Riviera, Baffin Bay, and Loyola Beach asked for voluntary evacuations while Naval Air Station Kingsville ordered individuals in the RV park on the site to leave.

Tropical Storm Franklin preparing for potentially fatal flooding

Caribbean Storm By Wednesday, Franklin is expected to hit Hispaniola, bringing with it potentially fatal mudslides and flooding. Puerto Rico will get a lot of rain as a result of the hurricane.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Franklin was over the Caribbean Sea about 230 miles south-southwest of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with steady winds of 50 mph. Early Tuesday afternoon, the storm began to shift northward; it will keep moving in that direction until Wednesday, when it will make landfall on Hispaniola.

tropical storm

Franklin will spread extremely heavy rain throughout Hispaniola from Tuesday through Wednesday, increasing the risk of mudslides and flash flooding. Up to 15 inches of isolated rainfall is possible. Puerto Rico may receive up to 6 inches of heavy rain through Thursday, but the island will avoid Franklin’s worst effects.

The hurricane season in the Atlantic has beginning. On Saturday and Sunday, three tropical systems emerged in a 24-hour period. The current Harold makes it four in a row.


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