X, the previous Twitter, has reactivated Kanye West’s Twitter account. The company said on Saturday that West won’t be able to monetize his account and that no adverts will appear next to his postings. They made this announcement to the Wall Street Journal.

Kanye West’s Twitter account


The musician’s account was terminated in December for violating the platform’s rules against inciting violence. The ban came when West, who has legally changed his name to Ye, made a number of anti-Semitic remarks, including a warning to “Go death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”A number of business arrangements, including partnerships with Adidas and the luxury apparel line Balenciaga, quickly fell apart as a result of those comments.

“NOV issued for unlicensed labor. MH visited the location and chatted with representatives of Tweeter (sic) and Building Maintenance Engineer.I asked to go up on the roof and explained how the BID investigates concerns. An official from Tweeter (sic) declined to grant access but made it clear that the building was solely lit for an event. The NOV demands that the construction be taken down with a building permit or legalized, as I made clear to all representatives, according to the complaint.

Another attempt to access the roof was conducted on Saturday, but it was also unsuccessful, according to the complaint.

According to Patrick Hannan, a representative for the city’s Department of Building Inspection, the city needs a permit to approve new letters or symbols on a sign “to ensure consistency with the historic nature of the building and to ensure the new additions are safely attached to the sign,” according to the Washington Post.

West tweeted a modified version of the Star of David with a swastika inside the day before his suspension, though CNN was unable to determine which tweet had been the tipping point at the time.


Elon Musk CEO statement

Elon Musk, the CEO of the firm, has long identified as a “free speech absolutist,” which has led to debate around Twitter’s moderation procedures. In October of last year, after deciding to buy the company, he stated that Twitter will “be very reluctant to delete things” and “be very cautious with permanent bans.”

However, following West’s suspension, Musk wrote, “I tried my best. He yet continued to violate our rule against inciting violence.

Twitter’s safety team introduced a new content enforcement strategy in April called “Freedom of Speech, Not Reach,” which emphasized “restricting the reach of Tweets that violate our policies by making the content less discoverable.”

As part of this plan, the team must “proactively prevent ads from appearing adjacent to content” that has been reported as infringing.

According to a safety team update from earlier this month, these flagged tweets “receive 81% less reach or impressions” than unrestricted ones, and “more than 99.99% of Tweet impressions are from… material that complies with our requirements.https://newscentralondemand.com/bronny-james-suffers-heart-attack/

The Violent Speech Policy on Twitter forbids threatening others, encouraging or praising violence, and wishing someone else harm.


Police States

The policy states, “We make sure to evaluate and understand the context behind the conversation before taking action,” and adds that a user may file an appeal if they feel their account was improperly suspended.

It’s unclear whether West submitted an appeal or if another factor led to the restoration of his account. The musician hasn’t yet made any content available on the website.

 Twitter and a West representative were contacted by CNN, but neither party responded.

According to the city website, expenses like permit and investigation fees may apply to a notice of violation. What costs X might incur is unknown.


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