Defense officials assert that even if there is a probable government shutdown in less than a week, the country will be safe. But it’s possible that military personnel will wind up performing that defensive task for free. Operations for training may be halted elsewhere, which will have an impact on long-term readiness. Additionally, efforts to aid Ukraine could be impeded.

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Challange After Government Shutdown

In a conversation with the Pentagon press corps today, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh stated that a shutdown “puts the government on a complete standstill.” However, the U.S. military will continue to carry out its duties and defend both our own interests in terms of national security as well as those of our friends and partners.

There will be difficulties for the young military personnel who keep the country secure, for their families, and for their long-term preparedness as a result of their ongoing battle readiness training, Singh added.

She said that a closure would be bad for the department. “Troops would work for free. Naturally, this would have an effect on military families. When people don’t receive wages, it affects when and how they can pay for things like child care, groceries, and other necessities. On bases, commissaries would be shuttered. Therefore, we continue to hold out hope that Congress will come to an agreement to prevent a shutdown. However, should a shutdown occur, we are preparing for it or taking the necessary steps to prepare.

According to Singh, despite the fact that national security would be preserved during a shutdown, preparedness will suffer since the training activities that keep military men sharp are reduced.

Of course, when you can’t participate in an exercise or training because you don’t have your full operational capability, that has an impact on our national security and readiness.” she added.

Increased soldier rotations and equipment are sent to the European theater as part of “Operation Atlantic Resolve” initiatives in Europe to support security upkeep. Officials from the Pentagon have stated that they anticipate being able to continue most of that activity through a shutdown of the government. However, Singh stated that certain affects will still be noticed.

When it comes to training, things might be delayed, she warned. Any staff furlough might have an effect on the overall operation.


According to Singh, even if financing has already been approved, the United States is still able to provide more resources and assistance if required for Ukraine. However, a government shutdown may make it more difficult for the department to actually remove that equipment from stock and deliver it to Ukraine.

Government Shutdown

I’m not sure how a government shutdown will affect how we implement further [presidential drawdown power packages], she added.I’m sorry, but I don’t know much more. It doesn’t effect the finances that we have available to us, but like how, how we continue to do that.


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