Coach Lincoln Riley of the USC Football Team Trojans revealed on Sunday that defensive coordinator Alex Grinch had been fired after USC gave up 101 points in total over the previous two games.

USC Football Team Season

Riley and Grinch, who served as Oklahoma’s defensive coordinator from 2019 to 2021 before moving to USC, oversaw a team that gave up 34.5 points per game on average this season and finished in the bottom 30 of the nation in almost every statistical category, including 107th against the pass and 120th in rushing defense.

Riley announced the appointment of linebackers coach Brian Odom and D-line coach Shaun Nua as co-defensive coordinators for the remainder of the season through a USC representative.

Grinch had been the target of a lot of criticism for his and the team’s performance even dating back to the previous season, when USC lost the Cotton Bowl to Tulane by 46 points and the Pac-12 title game to Utah by 47 points at the end of the season.

“As a coach, you don’t deflect,” Grinch, who accepted weekly blame for the defense’s inadequacies, declared at last week’s practice. I am quite disappointed with both myself and the men for not being able to get them to be more sound.

Riley and USC especially encouraged patience throughout the summer and offered a positive assessment of the gains the defense would make with more experience and skill. However, the unit’s performance did not improve even when USC used the transfer portal to add defensive players like former Georgia linebacker Bear Alexander and former Oklahoma State linebacker Mason Cobb. In terms of defensive SP+, USC was rated 87th at the end of the previous season. It is placed 87th for this season.

Up until now, Riley had supported Grinch and his endeavors. Riley could only fall back on not wanting to address “big-picture questions” regarding Grinch and the defense following Saturday night’s 52-42 home loss to Washington (USC’s third loss in four games).572 yards of offense were allowed by the defense.

Riley said, “I know that in the end, as the head coach, it all falls under my responsibility.” I don’t avoid it and I never have, but such conversations have their proper locations and times, and they will take place when the time is right.

After Saturday’s game, an insider with knowledge of the program informed that Grinch was “for all intents and purposes” done at USC. While some had assumed Riley would hold off on firing Grinch until after the season, the coach acted in less than a day.

Now that USC Football Team has lost twice in the league this year, it has to win big and have a lot of support in order to compete for the Pac-12 championship. The Ducks, who, like Washington, have one of the top attacks in the country and a lot on the line, will host the Trojans in Oregon the following week.

Riley and the rest of his staff will have their job cut out for them as USC prepares to enter the Big Ten in the upcoming season, trying to avoid wasting a top-five offensive in the nation like they did the previous two seasons, even if Grinch was undoubtedly the face of the team’s defensive problems.

USC Football Team against oklahoma

For the first time under head coach Lincoln Riley, USC Football team was eliminated from The Associated Press college football poll on Sunday, while No. 15 Oklahoma State shot up to the top of the standings for the first time this season.

Lead by No. 1 Georgia, the top nine teams in the Top 25 maintained their positions. Since the middle of the previous season, the Bulldogs have now equaled the second-longest winning streak at the top of the poll with 21 straight weeks.


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