Overnight in Jersey City, many persons perished in a multi-vehicle collision.

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Jersey City Accident

Elijah Westbrook of CBS New York is on the scene live at Patterson Plank Road and Congress Street.

According to Hudson County authorities, there are a number of fatalities and injuries.

A light brown automobile that was fully crushed against a wall that is situated on the outside of a tight bend was engaged in the collision with a blue SUV.

Glass shards and other wreckage are all over the place.

In addition to the prosecutor’s office for Hudson County, police are looking into the collision.

We are attempting to find out additional information regarding the number of participants and the state of the roads.

Injuries and fatalities are reported as a result of an accident in Jersey City early on Monday.

The Paterson Plank Road collision included two vehicles, including a blue SUV with airbags visible in the windows, as shown on the video. There was full crushing of a silver automobile.

Cause of Crash

Unknown are the specifics of what caused the crash.

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office recommends that motorists stay away from the area.

njmornings Multiple people were killed and injured overnight in a multi-vehicle collision on Paterson Plank Road in Jersey City, which is still closed between Paterson Avenue and Congress Street. The investigation is still ongoing.


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