The creative new Netflix series “One Piece” is working to restore the reputation of piracy.

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About One Piece Story

The genre-bending eight-episode first season of the live-action version of the long-running (and wildly popular) Japanese manga presents a fantastical landscape of raucous outlaws, relentless lawmen, and even some furious fish-people, with superpowers and a sense of humor tossed in to spice things up.

A teenage gang of buccaneers embarks on a treasure hunt and helps people along the way in this action-packed mashup of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Scott Pilgrim,” with a sprinkling of “Doctor Who”-style comedy, as a bighearted, swashbuckling response to “Stranger Things.”

People have been searching the oceans for Gold Roger’s stolen wealth for 22 years without success. Monkey D. Luffy (Iaki Godoy), a noisy but sincere character who never leaves home without his distinctive straw hat, with lofty ambitions to locate the fabled “One Piece” and ascend to the position of pirate king. Additionally, Luffy can bend and stretch his body to ridiculous degrees as a result of eating a piece of Devil Fruit as a young child.

Luffy encounters the Marines, an armed group commanded by the temperamental Vice Admiral Garp (Vincent Regan), who maintains the peace on the high seas with an iron fist, while searching for a map to the legendary Grand Line, an oceanic route thought to offer both peril and great riches. He also encounters Roronoa Zoro (Mackenyu Arata), a stoic green-coiffed pirate hunter who is highly skilled with the three swords that never leave his side, and Nami (Emily Rudd), a cunning orange-haired thief looking for the same map.

The three different loners band together and set sail in large part due to Luffy’s contagious charm. However, the Marines are closing in quickly, and the strangeness in the wide waters is intensifying. Jolly Rogers fly, some characters resemble those from an old-school pirate movie, while others are dressed in modern Hawaiian shirts, crop tops, and, in the instance of one guy with a sawfish-like visage, a trapper hat. The bad guys are like a continuous procession of vintage He-Man villains, complete with a strange clown pirate, a scheming butler with long Freddy Krueger-style claws, and a boastful warlord with an impossibly big blade. There are snail phones available in instead of smartphones.

It’s a fairly crazy program to see, and because there are so many different genres present—from slapstick comedy to slasher horror—there is some tonal whiplash. However, the action in “One Piece” doesn’t go absolutely crazy, and the narration is often well-paced.

One Piece adventure

Our heroes go on multi-episode adventures where they locate a ship, crash a fine-dining restaurant shaped like a big-mouth bass, and pick up new crew members including charming cook Sanji (Taz Skylar) and slingshot marksman Usopp (Jacob Romero). Although “One Piece” (which also inspired an animated series in 1999) has a strong Saturday morning cartoon atmosphere, it is also filled with sailor-ready language, violent scenes, and intense topics. As a result, you should take caution if your young children beg you to let them watch it.

Both the lore of “One Piece” and the cast’s new faces will be unfamiliar to American viewers: Rudd played a minor part in Netflix’s “Fear Street” series, and Arata is the son of legendary martial arts film star Sonny Chiba.

The character of exuberant Luffy, played by Godoy, serves as the show’s driving force and provides “One Piece” with a crucial, unwavering moral compass. Despite the fact that pirates are generally plundering, scurrilous individuals and bad things happen to them, Luffy stands up for his friends and those who are in need. In one of his numerous attempts to win over hearts and minds, he asks, “Who says pirates have to be scary?”

“One Piece” gives a lot of vibrant goodies to feast on, from entertaining oddballs to huge fights.


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