Onam begins with Atham on August 20 and will end with Thiruvonam. A famous Malay celebration called Onam is celebrated in the month of Chingam. This festival commemorates the appearance of Vishnu’s Vamana avatar and the illustrious King Mahabali’s subsequent return.

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About the Festival

Onam, the most well-known holiday in Kerala, is observed every year between August and September. It is also recognized as a significant harvest holiday.

Atham Day, which coincides with the occurrence of the Atham Nakshatra, marks the beginning of the Festival celebrations. Ten days of festivities culminate on Thiruvonam day, the most fortunate day of the festival. The Atham Nakshatra is known as Hasta Nakshatra in some Hindu calendars.


On August 29, 2023, Thiruvonam Nakshathram starts at 02:43 and ends at 11:50.

The traditional festival of Onam is observed by Malayalees all across the world. Boat races, dancing styles, Rangoli, cuisine, and traditional attire are all part of it. Men practice the Pulikali craft, while women create the Pookkalam floral arrangements. 13 dishes are served on banana leaves as part of the lavish Sadya meal. There are performances of Thiruvathira, Kathakali, and other dances. Temples host cultural events like elephant procession processions. King Mahabali’s departure and the immersion of clay sculptures mark the festival’s end. August 29 will be Onam Day in 2023.

The culmination of India’s Onam, a ten-day harvest celebration, draws near. The occasion commemorates the entry of the fabled monarch of Kerala, King Mahabali. His region was renowned for its excellent leadership, economy, and regional peace.


You may get some fashionable and modern Pookalam designs in this post. Pookalam are flower-filled rangoli patterns created to welcome King Mahabali. People also think that Pookalam captures the conflict between Asuras and Devas.

Describe Pookalam.

One of the most well-liked Onam festivities is pookalam. Poov, which means flower, and Kalam, which means rangoli, make up this phrase. One of the important festival customs is using pookalam or “aththa-poo” to decorate homes and temples.


Legend has it that King Mahabali, who was transported to Pataal Lok, was given the opportunity to return to his realm once a year by Lord Vishnu’s incarnation Vamana. And he decided on Onam, which is observed throughout Chingam month.

Since then, residents have been decorating their front doors and verandas with pookalam to welcome King Mahabali.

Flowers used in traditional Pookalam, listed

Pookalam is highly significant both culturally and spiritually. It consists of 10 little rings or circular phases, each of which stands for a different deity. Lord Ganesha is represented by the first ring, Shiva & Shakti by the second, Lord Shiva by the third, Brahma by the fourth, Pancha Boothangal by the fifth, Shanmughan and Muruga by the sixth, Guru by the seventh, Ashta Digpalakar by the eighth, Lord Indra by the ninth, and Lord Vishnu by the final ring.

On the first day of the festival, just one flower is used; on the second day, two different colors are used; and on the third day, 10 different colors are utilized. Over time, individuals began substituting other flowers for the conventional selections. There are several varieties of flowers, including:

Slitwort Mukkutti (Little Tree Plant) from Thumba or Ceylon

Holy Basil, Hibiscus, and Shoe Flower

Sankupushpam Thechi




Bridal Tears by Aripoovu Kanakambra,

Crossandra Manorama,

and Marigold Poovali

Bolivia (Balsam)

Some colours rangoli

this rangoli made by various colours and show the cultural diversity

various colourful

special food on this festival



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